How to stop hair fall using Propecia?

Excess hair fall or loss can be very hard for the person to deal with as it has to do with one’s image. Most natural treatments for hair loss take very long to see results and some of them are just myths. Someone who really wants to stop the hair fall would do best to start the treatment with Propecia, which is the only oral medication approved by the FDA for this problem. The drug is used for hair loss in men due to its potency in halting the problem and also in increasing the chances of regrowth of the hair lost. Hair loss was seen as something that occurred naturally as a person aged. However, more and more younger people are facing his problem these days due to unhealthy lifestyle and also genetics to some extent. Changing the bad lifestyle habits would help partially but the medical treatment with Propecia is what will truly aid in dealing with the problem. Here, you can learn what to do to stop the hair fall problem using the drug Propecia.

What makes Propecia an effective remedy for hair loss?.

The prescription drug Propecia is immensely suited to treating the hair loss problem because of the way it works. Sure there are other ways of managing the hair loss problem but they are often quite expensive and invasive in nature. The Finasteride medication is the one that can be cost controlled and does not involve any kind of invasive procedures. This is a medication that is classified as a 5-alpha reductase inhibitor as it suppresses this enzyme. By doing so, the Propecia medication helps to reduce the amount of androgen activity in the system, which is the most common cause for hair loss in men. Elevated levels of dihydrotestosterone (DHT), converted from testosterone, will result in the hair follicles getting attacked and they weaken, become thinner, and shed in huge amounts. Men tend to experience this hair loss in a particular pattern along the crown or the temples. Propecia works to bring down the DHT levels by around 60 to 70%. By staying on the dosing schedule, the user is able to stop the problem from becoming worse and even the new hair follicles to strengthen and take root.

Using Propecia efficiently to stop hair fal

Those who experience success with the Propecia drug are the ones who use it right in managing the hair fall problem. Sticking to the dosing schedule and following the doctor’s orders are what makes the drug to be more effective. The prescribed Propecia 1mg dose should be taken at the same time every day for the DHT levels to stay low continuously. It will take three to six months to start seeing any difference on the scalp. Some individuals may take even eight months to a year for the hair loss problem to improve. If after even a year there is no difference, then the drug is not the right one for you and some other treatment should be followed. Keep a watch out for any side effects at all and inform the doctor if you see any kind of changes in your body. Women and children should not consume this hair loss drug. Follow the Propecia product label instructions for effectively stopping hair fall.